Distinguish water in Chinese medicine repair

Distinguish water in Chinese medicine repair

Today, when people use various medicines such as cannonball pharmaceutical materials, Xiuhe Wansan cream Dan soup, etc., only water is used as the solvent, and clean water is usually used.

The ancients did not. They also used water as a medicine, converting water into two categories: sky water and ground water.

Li Shizhen said: “Although the water in the world has the ability to extinguish and dry up, the nature changes from the ground, and the quality of things moves.

“Therefore, different waters have different properties, and the functions of repairing traditional Chinese medicines are also different, which deserves further study.

  Tianshui Tianshui refers to rain, dew, frost, snow, hail, etc. Among them, rainwater has different functions due to the climate change of 24 solar terms, water variation.

  In the beginning of spring, the water in the second section of the rain water is sweet and flat. Its properties start from the qi of the beginning of spring. It should be decoction to treat the deficiency of the air, and the Qingyang does not rise.

  In the four quarters of horror, vernal equinox, Qingming, and Guyu, the water in the four quarters is also non-toxic and can benefit the spleen and stomach. It can be decoction and tonic medicines, repair Qufeng and treat spleen and stomach weakness.

  Heavy (end) noon, noon, water can kill insects and maggots, it should be repaired to eliminate diseases and pain, treat ulcers to prevent bloated and insecticidal detoxification Dan pill or decoction insecticidal maggots decoction.

It was raining at noon on May 5th, and the bamboo poles were cut open and the water was drained to take the magic water, which can clear the heat and reduce phlegm, and be astonished.

  The beginning of autumn, the summer heat, the white dew, and the water in the four equinoxes of the autumnal equinox at this time, the dampness and heat diminish. This is the best way to clear the lungs, clear the lungs, and reduce the heat.

  Heavy snow, winter solstice, light cold, great cold and waxy water are left to soak and nourish the five internal organs and treat phlegm and fire to accumulate Zhudan pills, torment medicine and wine, and serve the same function as snow water.

  The dew is sweet and flat, which can quench the thirst and clear the summer heat. “Frost killer, dew moisturizer” varies from time to time.

Should be Jianfei lung medicine, more suitable for making wine.

Amazing colors on flowers for beauty.

  The cream is sweet and cold, cures typhoid fever, yang disease, and hot noodles after drinking, and the mussel powder is effective in applying summer heat, covering “the weather drops for dew, and the breeze is thin for the frost.”Ninger.

  The snow is sweet and cold, and the epidemic epidemic is a winter and spring infectious disease. It should be fried with typhoid fire and decoction, and it has a good effect.

Waxue water sealed storage is not bad for decades.

The third day after the winter solstice is wax, and the wax and snow can kill insects. It is most suitable for wheat. After dissolving, it is soaked in grains and resistant to drought and no insects.

  The hail tastes sweet and cold, and is good at treating coma caused by typhoid fever, yang and poisonous heat, and puts Zhongliang in blocks, that is, physical cooling today.

It can also detoxify wine poisons. The ice of the sky is hard to find. In the later generations, the frozen water is ice in winter, and it is hidden in the cellar for the summer. After the invention of freezing technology, more refrigerators and freezers are used, so it can be used at any time.

However, in the midsummer, ice consumption is contrary to the climate, and the heat and cold are irritating, which can easily hurt the spleen and stomach, and those with weak spleen and stomach are not suitable.

The ideal way to use ice in summer is to put the food and drink on ice and let it cool down before eating. This is now cold.

  The ancients still said that Mingshui, who is cold in the water, can focus on his eyesight, quench thirst and eliminate children’s irritability, but this water is not easy to obtain, and it is necessary to use the Yin to shine on the moon on the autumn night of the sky, and it is covered by a mirror.Save the water.

The tincture was cast from copper and tin halves, and the Yin Yin was cast on the day of Ziyue (November); the impotence was cast on the afternoon of Noon and Bing and turned into fire.

  In addition, the toxic and unreceivable rainwater in the 24 solar terms has a small amount of water, which can rot food and bad soybeans and wheat, which will damage the spleen and stomach; and cold dew will also damage the rice and rice, which can cause illness.

As the saying goes: “Cold dew rain, secretly a ghost.

“There is also frost and rainfall, and the air that kills the world is not toxic, but it should only be used by people with more than Yang Qi.

  There are many kinds of ground water, such as pond water, upper pond water, river water, stream water, spring water and so on.

  The water-based flavor is Ganping, which is the water from shallow ponds in the low-lying depression on the surface of the rainstorm. It can adjust the spleen and stomach to remove damp heat, and the ephedra forsythia red adzuki bean soup with Zhongjing treatment of typhoid fever and jaundice is obtained by dipping water into medicine and decoction.Soup, with its thin flavor, does not help moisture.

  Half-day river water (upper pond water) refers to the water on the head of a bamboo fence after rain, the water in an empty tree hole, and the dew on bamboo leaves.

“Warring States Policy” contains: “Chang Sangjun drinks water from the pond and above for 30 days.

“Note: Shangchi water is half-day river.

This water can cure the violent poison of ghosts, wash all kinds of sores and poisonous insect bites.

  The flowing water is sweet and flat, the main five labors and seven injuries, kidney weakness, spleen weakness, yang prosperity and yin failure, and the eyes cannot be affected by cholera vomiting and diarrhea (not an infectious disease today, known as the ancient “gastronomy, gastrointestinal” gastrointestinal disease).

The typhoid gas is against the desire to make evidence of running dolphins.

Sun Simiao said: “The rivers and streams flow into the sea and return to the sea.

“Lao Shui (Gan Lan Shui) uses a bucket of running water and puts it in a large basin. It is raised a thousand times with a scoop or Chen Lu scoop, and the boiling beads gather together to form a salty water cover. The labor is sweet and light.Helps dampness and benefits the spleen and stomach.

From the beginning of the treatment of dampness and warmth, Sanren Decoction, with dampness and heat, is Ganlan decoction.  The rapid water potential is called turbulent water, and the turbulent water is steep and turbulent, and its sexual irritability is rapid. Therefore, it is appropriate to use this water to treat the symptoms of scorching waist and knees and the prescription of convenience.

Zhang Congzheng said: “In the past, those who suffered from urination were unable to cure the workers. So they took Changchuan rapid water to decoction the prodrugs, and they drank Liquor to drink water.

“Well-spring water The new-quick well water is both healing and pleasing. It is good at relieving heat and boring thirst. Covering the cold can clear the heat, and it can help the yin.

Should be fried tonic drugs and medicine for qi, blood, phlegm and fire.

However, the well spring water also has advantages and disadvantages, where the well water is far from the ground veins, the leakage from the nearby rivers and lakes is the second, and the sewage from urban ditches is mixed, and it needs to be boiled for 2 hours.Wait for radon gas precipitation is available, otherwise the smell is too bad to use in the soup.

  The water of Ganquan (Ganquan) has a sweet and flat nature. It can cure the pains of the heart and belly, suffocation, and evil spirits.

The person with thin wine and sweet taste of spring, so the name.

Jiu Yun: “The heyday of the Taiping Dynasty, the emperor’s virtues arrived, and whenever there was a spring, the people drank and recuperated.

“The milky point of the milk point is sweet and warm. It is long-wearing and healthy for the body, making the body moist and old, and it has the same function as stalactite.

The stalactite is best turned near the milk point.

  Ajing’s water-based flavor is sweet and salty, and it can relieve phlegm, relieve vomiting, and treat stasis and phlegm.

Located in Yanggu, Luzhou, ancient Dong’a County, Naiji water flows underground, its sex tends to decline, it is clear and heavy, and it can be cleared with turbid water.

  In addition, there is a salty, mild, poisonous seawater that has healing functions. It can be used to remove pustules, and it can be used to detect vomiting.

The hot and slightly toxic hot spring water, so the warmer is the sulfur under the spring, so it can adjust the bones and bones of the wind and bones to shrink, the skin is ill, and the hands and feet are in trouble.Of it.

Neither Huanghuangquan nor the hot springs near Jieshi are bathable or used as medicine.