Female chills can be autonomous

Female chills can be autonomous

When people feel cold in their hands, feet, and body, they can warm up by rubbing against the back of two hands.


Because the Yangchi acupoint on the back of the hand is the main point of the Sanjiao Jing.

The San Jiao Jing has the upper, middle, and lower focal fever groups. Among them, the upper focal governs the respiratory functions of the heart and lungs, the central focal governs the digestive organs, and the lower focal governs the urine and urine organs.

Also, why does my body temperature rise after exercise or eating?

This is because the upper focus and the middle focus function.

Why do people burp slightly after urination?

This is because the lower focus releases instantaneously.

The Yangchi acupoint can not only treat chills, but also regulate the functions of internal organs. It can treat colds, asthma, digestive diseases, kidney dysfunction and other diseases. If it works better with Hegu acupoint, the main point of treatment is slowlyIt takes a long time and the intensity should be slow.

  The treatment method is: use both hands together, first use the middle finger of one hand to stop the other hand’s Yangchi acupoint, and then use the middle finger of the other hand to stop the Yangchi acupoint of this hand.

In this way, the power can be transmitted from the middle finger to the Yangchi acupoint without the help of others.

In addition to massaging the Yangchi acupoints to eliminate chills, you can also combine Guan Chong, Mingmen acupoints, and “hand palm” to stimulate and get better results.

  Where is Yangchi Point?

It is at the site of the interosseous bone of the hand.

The method to find is: first, the hand is often upturned, there will be a few wrinkles on the wrist, and the wrinkles near the back of the hand will be upturned, and a tender point will be found in the center. This point is where the Yangchi points are.