Extramarital affairs are different between men and women

Extramarital affairs are different between men and women

Many married couples are hard to abandon their career families. Many married couples are exceptionally difficult to sacrifice their lovers. They do not want to endanger their careers and their families. They struggle in double divisions and linger in dilemmas. This has their social, psychological, and moral values.It is inevitable that the judgement of value based on the standard expectations of the medical school is inevitable.

  First of all, although society accepts men’s transgression more tolerant than women, moral values are still the main yardstick for evaluating personal character. Moreover, men always value their social roles and career values. Extramarital affairs are often only in their colorful lives.A romantic episode.

  In essence, men’s measurement of sexual value often exceeds diversity, openness and fraternity, but they are often more sensible and realistic than women when making decisive choices.

They yearn for romance and stimulating extramarital affairs, but it is more difficult to settle down and light marriage affair.

Once faced with two choices, most of them would rather give up romantic love.

  Thirdly, because too many men do not necessarily enter the restricted area by mistake during a marriage crisis, too many people only have poor self-control, and they are “missed” when they are impulsive. Therefore, most of them are “emotional” but not “motivated”.

When they returned home, they faced the reality, and often knew that their wives were responsible for their family roles.

Coupled with an incident at the East Window, the wife often targeted the third party to forgive her husband, which made her husband feel guilty and even “abandon new love and old”.

  Women’s love breaks the boat. The general process of women’s extramarital affairs is “disgusting the old and loving the new”, “abandoning the old and the new”, and rarely “loving the new and not tired of the old”. They are often more brave and persistent than men in the pursuit of extramarital happiness.

But often it takes a long time for the lover to take a substantive step, so that they have a dilemma.

  First of all, women mainly regard love as the main theme of their lives. They will only try extramarital love instead of “love” true love for their lover, and in light of their commitment to their love in love, in order to obsessively occupy all their interests.

Regardless of their career prospects, they waited hard even when their wish had become a dream.

  In fact, it is often difficult for women to separate sex from affection. Unlike men, they can be entertained without love, and they can also have sexual pleasure without love. Only when their emotional needs are satisfied, they are willing to give sex and achieve sexuality.Blending, uniting spirit and flesh.

While their cohesion with their lovers is increasing day by day, their relationship with their husbands is deteriorating, and they are increasingly unable to endure the torment of “being in Cao Yingxin and Han”, so only by breaking off this embarrassing multi-angled love entanglement early can we lift our spiritsAnd tear-like pain on the flesh.

  Thirdly, the wife and the extra-marital heterosexual are very close together, often being humiliated in public by her husband, brutally beaten or sexually abused.

Even if some women have a regretful intention, the husband often finds it difficult to build trust again due to strong possessiveness and distorted hatred. Some also severely deliberately restrict his wife’s schedule, interpersonal relationships, hobbies, etc.Her self-esteem was severely damaged, and she was accused of divorce for failing to endure her husband’s suspicion, alienation, and revenge.

Some wives originally only had good feelings and normal interactions with the opposite sex outside the marriage, but the radical behavior of the husband instead became closer to the opposite sex outside the marriage and resolutely broke up with the husband.

  Away from the beautiful trap of extramarital affairs In real life, it is rare for extramarital affairs to have a happy ending. Although the overlapping of love relationships was eventually ended because of men’s conflicts, it was only due to their hypocrisy that the insignificance of love was inevitable.

In addition to men’s more important career prospects, more realistic, but also often because his wife is not at fault and can not bear the divorce.

However, a married woman who has to bear the moral responsibility to his wife should not indulge him in the first place, otherwise he will ride a tiger himself, and it will bring a devastating blow to the lover who hopes to reunite the phoenix.

  Women who are more persistent, dedicated, and engaged in extramarital affairs often fall deeper and suffer more in this beautiful trap.

Their efforts do not always receive the expected return. After the instant sweetness and happiness, they are often accompanied by orientation and sourness. Therefore, return and thorough understanding are especially necessary for them.

If female compatriots can understand the psychological differences between the sexes, and change their “what they want” and “what they can get” to lead to rational judgment, perhaps they will be more cautious when replacing the extramarital love minefield.