[How to make pizza and its ingredients_What are the ingredients for pizza]

[How to make pizza and its ingredients_What are the ingredients for pizza]

Pizza is a very nutritious food. It tastes good, has high nutritional value, and helps to absorb. In fact, when making pizza, it is important from the raw materials and methods. First, the ingredients of pizzaMainly flour, yellow buttermilk powder will be added, oil and tomato sauce will be used. Many ingredients need to be understood in order to make delicious pizza.

What are the main ingredients of pizza: flour accessories: flour, milk powder, cooking oil, tomato sauce, pesto, cheese shredded, green pepper, onion, shrimp, mushrooms Practice: 1. Put milk powder, flour into flour to live, Save 2 hours; 2. Wash the onions and cut into circles, wash the green peppers and cut into dices, wash and cut the mushrooms into slices; 3, pour the fat on a frying pan, put the dough into the pan and press it into the middleThin round thick pancakes, evenly pierce the holes with pancakes, then spread tomato sauce and pesto, add onion, green pepper, mushroom, shrimp, shredded cheese; 4, put the seasoningPut the pizza in the microwave for 10 minutes, and then press the (Crispy) key for 5 minutes.

Here is another way: prepare ingredients for pizza sauce, onion, nuts, nuts, cheese (to be dedicated, otherwise not shredded), fruits, spontaneous flour, eggs, milk, green peppers, bacon, peas, corn, mushrooms.

Seasoning salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper powder, hot and sour sauce, olive oil, etc. Gradually mix a small amount of flour, mix it with an egg and a small amount of spontaneous flour, then add milk and flour, knead constantly, remember the flourAdd milk and milk little by little.

About 250 ml of milk can be used for two pizzas. Don’t make the noodles too soft. Finally, make two doughs and leave for 20 minutes to ferment.

When the second step is isothermal fermentation, can you process vegetables and fruits and cut them into small pieces?

Spread a small amount of olive oil evenly on the plate, roll the dough flat into the test plate, because there is no disc, you can only make it square.

Note that the middle is thin and the edges are thick so that the pizza has edges.

The third step is to put on the pizza sauce, and you can add some spices such as pepper or salt according to your taste.

Put vegetables, fruits, bacon, etc. on top and match them to your taste.

My approach: vegetable bacon with onion, green pepper, pea, corn, bacon and shiitake; fruit bacon with strawberry, pineapple, bacon.

You can also sprinkle some sauce on top.

The fourth step is to use a twister to twist the cheese into pieces and spread it on the pizza.

Step 5 Preheat the oven at 220 ° C and bake for about 20 minutes. You should cover it with tin foil to avoid excess cheese from baking.