Experts suggest: children should have vegetables for breakfast

Experts suggest: children should have vegetables for breakfast

[Leader]Parents know that children can have a good breakfast, but there are few vegetables in the breakfast recipe, which is extremely detrimental to healthy development.

According to surveys, children’s breakfasts are mainly porridge, steamed buns, and fried foods, supplemented by eggs, milk, and meat.

  These foods are carbohydrate, protein and trace, while vitamins are scarce.

Eating more sugar, protein, and a small amount of food can easily lead to acidic blood, which makes people think less concentrated throughout the morning.

At the same time, eating more eggs and fried foods has a long digestion time, which causes the blood to accumulate in the digestive tract for too long, reducing the supply of blood to the brain and oxygen.

  In addition, it should also be noted that the above foods contain vitamins, especially some vitamins, which are extremely low in content, which makes it difficult to maintain the vitamin level of the human body before meals at noon.

And eating a certain amount of vegetables for breakfast can completely maintain the balance of blood pH, relieve the pressure of the insulin tract, and also provide the body with a certain amount of vitamins in time, which is very beneficial to the healthy development of children.