Why did the 57 trillion GEM record the largest transaction month in history?


Why did the 57 trillion GEM record the largest transaction month in 北京夜网 history?

The impact of overseas panic on A shares is over?

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5.7 billion!

Why did GEM have the largest transaction month in history?
  Source: 21st Century Business Herald The GEM, which has continued to counterattack and rise after the Spring Festival, has once again written a “myth.”

  On February 25, the ChiNext index staged a “Deep V” market and opened -1 lower from the early session.

61% attacked all the way, and then fell all the way down the highest drop of more than 4%; however, the adjustment of the market expectations came back, from the eve of early market close to midday, the GEM started a strong rebound, and finally closed up 1.


  The strong and short battles also further enlarged the transaction scale on that day. Winddata showed that the GEM turnover on February 25 was as high as 3202.

7.4 billion, becoming the largest single-day turnover in the history of GEM.

  In fact, this is another continuation of the GEM’s onslaught.

Since February 4th, the daily turnover of GEM has gone from 300 billion to 300 billion. It also made February 2020 the largest month in GEM’s history.

  Historical data shows that the three largest monthly turnovers in GEM history were February 2020, November 2015 and June 2015, and the scale of transactions was 3 respectively.

57 trillion, 3.

55 trillion, 3.

49 trillion.

  It is worth mentioning that after the first two days of volume trading months, the GEM has ushered in a major adjustment.

However, compared with the benchmark at that time, the current GEM estimates are relatively valued.

  The data shows that the current average market surplus of the ChiNext is 58 times, and the market net reset is 6.

89 times; In November 2015, the average price-earnings ratio of ChiNext was 73.

59 times, the P / B ratio reached 8.

38 times; and on the eve of the stock market disaster in June 2015, the price-earnings ratio and price-to-book ratio of the GEM were as high as 129.

17 times, 16.

04 times.

  From the perspective of the highest people, GEM set a record for the highest daily turnover in history. The reason for the monthly record still lies in the current white-hot divergence of the market and the postponed resumption of work caused by the epidemic, which has stimulated the fierce online trading.

  ”Both sides think that the other party is wrong. At this time, the transaction will be brought. Those who made money before will run, those who did not make money will get on the car, and the unilateral market will come out.

“A listed brokerage strategy states.

  In the view of the short side, the continuation of the epidemic poses challenges to fundamentals and the recovery of corporate profits, and the shock of overseas markets may also have an impact on the A-share market, gradually transforming into a growing back plate, which is already at a stage high.There is a certain need for adjustment.

Data show that the GEM has gradually increased to 27 since 2020.

twenty one%.

  ”At present, the GEM has been facing divergences for many times in a row. There was a great probability of adjustment last Thursday, but I don’t know why there will always be a strong buying fund to pull the index back.

“The analyst said frankly,” I have never seen such a strong market.

From the perspective of many parties, due to the expected loosening of monetary policy, market risks will further increase and increase, which will intensify the allocation of equity assets, especially technology stocks. 5G, new energy vehicles, semiconductors and other specific industries also haveFocus on industrial upgrading and fundamental growth space, and the market is now grabbing chip changes in the meantime, resulting in a continuous rise effect.

  ”Now you don’t buy stocks, and GM has a better investment target, so there is a phenomenon of rotation in various sectors.
“A Beijing-based private equity investment manager said,” and the recent emergence of outbreak funds can also smash the allocation speed of residents’ assets to equity assets. In addition, communication must be further entered. Incremental funds are running into the field, but the speed is indeedExceeded market expectations.
“At present, it is worth paying attention to some underestimations. The increase in the previous period is not obvious, but there are targets for improving performance.

“The private equity manager said frankly.

  In addition, some people believe that the extended holidays caused by the epidemic, Yuancheng’s office and other factors in disguise helped boost the growth of A shares.

  ”People who had the ability to invest in the past did not have time to notice the market outside during the day, but now they sometimes look for stock investment when they are okay at home. At first everyone thought it was a joke, but in fact this factor was at work.

“The above-mentioned private equity manager said,” There is a reference that compares A shares to a large-scale online live-action ‘online game’. In fact, the epidemic has helped further the ‘game’.